About Us

Accutek Packaging Equipment Companies, Inc. stands as one of the premier privately owned packaging machinery manufacturers in the United States. We specialize in crafting comprehensive turnkey packaging solutions, boasting a diverse array of equipment that can be precisely tailored to suit each product’s unique requirements. Our offerings include filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, conveyors, and complete packaging systems. Additionally, our product line extends to bottle unscramblers, bottle rinsers and washers, sleeve labeling machines, tamper-evident neck-banders, heat tunnels, tube fillers and sealers, heat sealing machines, hot stamps and ink jet date coders, conveyors, turntables, kettles, mixers, and various support packaging and process machinery.

Accutek Packaging Equipment Company, Inc.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver high-quality, user-friendly packaging equipment that supports our customers’ operational needs and facilitates the growth of their distinctive products. We commit to providing flawless equipment promptly and efficiently.

Vision Statement

We aim to supply top-tier packaging equipment while upholding exceptional customer support, fostering product innovations, and consistently offering fair and competitive pricing.

Innovative Designs

At Accutek, our engineers continuously strive to modernize and streamline our designs, empowering our customers with cutting-edge, efficient packaging solutions. Our equipment spans industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, oils, cosmetics, chemicals, and other specialty sectors, all constructed from premium materials and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Leveraging programmable logic controllers, VFD drives, vision electronics, and pneumatics, we achieve unparalleled speeds and precision in filling, capping, labeling, and conveying.

Customization Options

Recognizing the unique needs of each customer, we offer customized machinery solutions tailored to accommodate specific products and integrate seamlessly into existing packaging lines. Our experienced engineers assess product requirements and collaborate closely with clients to determine the most suitable automation systems.

Technical Support and Service

Our team of skilled technicians is readily available to troubleshoot and resolve any issues, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your packaging line. All our equipment includes a one-year warranty on non-wear parts and labor, with extended warranties available. Standard equipment can typically be shipped within two weeks, and most replacement parts are stocked for immediate shipment.

Hygiene and Maintenance

Maintaining cleanliness is paramount to us. Our machines are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, with most crafted from food-grade stainless steel and other food-safe materials. Our conveyors feature elevated beds for effortless washdown, and convenient “clean-in-place” processes are available for most equipment.

Accutek's History

Founded in 1989 by Edward Chocholek and his sons, Accutek initially focused on benchtop liquid filling, capping, and labeling machines. Over the years, we expanded our offerings and operations, relocating to Oceanside, California, and subsequently opening a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Vista, California. Through strategic acquisitions, including Labelette, Kiss Packaging Systems, Gold Cup Machinery, Phase Fire, Biner Ellison, and Labelmatic, we diversified our product line and strengthened our market position.


In 2001, we acquired the Labelette Company, a renowned manufacturer of benchtop and in-line labeling machines with a global presence spanning over fifty years. By integrating their labeling machines and engineering team into our own product line, we significantly expanded our offerings in labeling equipment. Labelette specializes in benchtop hot melt glue labelers, automatic pressure-sensitive labeling machines, and full-body Shrink-Sleeve labeling machines, solidifying their position as industry leaders in engineering and manufacturing.

Kiss Packaging Systems

In 2001, Accutek acquired the assets of Kiss Packaging Systems, Inc., renowned for their commitment to quality engineering and simplicity. With this acquisition, we incorporated their product line, which complemented our own, into our portfolio. We modernized several machines while retaining the esteemed Kiss Packaging Systems brand, enhancing our overall product range.

Gold Cup

In November 2001, Accutek obtained the assets of Gold Cup Machinery, Inc., a prominent manufacturer of cup filling and sealing equipment, as well as horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal machines.

Phase Fire

In 2002, Accutek acquired American Packaging Products, Inc., and its Phase Fire brand of heat tunnels and shrink sleeve labeling machines. While rebranding the Shrink Sleeving machinery under Labelette, we maintained the Phase Fire brand for heat tunnels, offering a variety of designs including steam, infrared, and radiant heat with multi-zone control.

Biner Ellison/ Labelmatic

In 2003, Accutek purchased Biner Ellison, a respected bottling equipment manufacturer established in 1938. This acquisition brought high-speed rotary filling and labeling equipment expertise into our product line. Additionally, Labelmatic, known for its high-speed labeling equipment, became part of our portfolio.

Accutek Outlet

Accutek Packaging Equipment Company, Inc.

In 2010, Accutek Packaging Equipment Companies launched its first Accutek Outlet in Fort Myers, Florida, offering hands-on demonstrations and servicing. This location caters to customers in the East coast, Caribbean, and South America, providing live demonstrations and troubleshooting for various packaging machinery.

Accutek Packaging - Midwest

In 2015, we established a modern 34,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Irving, Texas, dedicated to serving our Midwest customers. Equipped with a showroom for live demonstrations and a team of technicians, this facility focuses on manufacturing labelers, net-metering drum fillers, and related equipment.

Future Plans

Moving forward, we are committed to implementing new Enterprise software and designing a customer-centric CRM system. These initiatives will enable us to develop and utilize innovative tools to deliver customized products even more efficiently. With our dedicated team, we anticipate continued growth and success for Accutek Packaging Equipment Companies in the years to come

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