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Most frequent questions and answers

We offer complete packaging systems that include one or more of the following machines: fillers, cappers, labelers, bottle unscramblers, bottle rinsers and washers, sleeve labelers, tamper-evident neck banders, heat tunnels, tube fillers and sealers, induction sealers, hot stamp printers for labelers, inkjet printers for labelers, conveyors, turntables, kettles, mixing and heated, case packers, pallet wrappers, and monoblock.

Semi-automatic machines require an operator to move containers into and out of the machine. Automatic machines are fed by a conveyor, stopping while a task is performed and then advancing to the next batch until stopped. Rotary machines operate continuously, achieving the highest production rates.

Training is included with most Accutek machinery but installation requires an additional fee.

One year on non-wear parts and labor. Accutek warranties can also be extended, ask a salesperson for information.

Yes, but it is handled by a third party. Ask a salesperson for more information.

We box smaller machines, crate or palatize larger machines. We ship FedEx, UPS, or DHL. Customer pickups are blanket wrapped. We can arrange partial or full truck load shipping.

Yes, we offer both semi-automatic and automatic methods. Please contact the Accutek sales department to discuss options.

Yes, the majority of our machines require 110 volts AC with low power consumption. Most machines can be configured to operate at 220 VAC or 480 VAC for improved efficiency. Some Accutek machines are completely pneumatic minimizing electrical power needs.

Skip glue is used on paper labels. It is the process of only applying adhesive to the ends of the label. This process can save over 90% of your adhesive cost on longer labels.

Accutek offers pressure sensitive labelers, hot glue paper labelers, and shrink sleeve labelers. Call Accutek at 800-989-1828 and ask for labeling machines.

Labelette has two types of cleaners – An aerosol spray for quick and dramatic results and a special citrus-based alternative which does an excellent job and is more pleasant to use.

No, Accutek is a new machinery manufacturer. Efficient manufacturing processes help keep costs down to make machine purchases competitive with monthly rental rates.


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