E-Juice Packaging

In the beginning there was a flavor. The flavor was infused into an e-juice for vaping. How to share this flavor with the world is the question. E-juice is often distributed in small bottles with a built in way to dispense the tasty product into vaping devices.

As a startup company everything is done by hand. Filling each bottle with E-juice by hand. Placing a closure on the bottle and then tightening by hand. Closures can be a dropper plug and cap, or a cap with dropper. Hand applying a pressure sensitive label to each bottle requires steady hands.

As a company grows and money becomes available for capital equipment each production task can be automated.



Accutek Solutions

Fill each bottle

Mini Pinch

Auto Pinch


Place closure

By hand

Capper tightener

Custom designed solution

Tighten Closure

HDex hand held tightener

Spindle tightener ASC-6

Custom designed solution

Label bottle

Label applicator SPS-104

Label applicator APS-106

SL1 heat shrink sleever

Multitask machines

Mono-block fill, cap & tighten

High speed mono-block

Custom designed solution


A set of the above machines can be connected together using conveyor belts and accumulation tables so that the entire process can be automated.

When space is at premium and speed is important consider going with a multi-tasking machine. Accutek is your source for product filling and packaging equipment at all budget levels.

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