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Filling Machines for Beverage (Non Carbonated)

The filling machine is an integral part of any beverage bottling line. The vast majority of the beverages that you see on the store shelves are filled by big beverage companies. Big beverage companies in the beverage industry use high speed rotary filling equipment to fill their products. Rotary filling machines can fill at rates up to 1000 containers per minute.

There is a sizeable market for slower speed semi-automatic benchtop fillers and automatic inline filling machines for specialty beverages and regional distribution of some beverages.

Small beverage companies use semi-automatic benchtop filling machines to fill their products. Benchtop fillers can fill at rates up to 60 containers per minute.

Small to medium sized companies use automatic inline filling machines to fill their products. Automatic inline filling machinery can fill at rates up to 200 containers per minute.

There are three common types of filling machines used in the beverage industry. The first is counter pressure. Counter pressure fillers are used to fill carbonated beverages (sparkling water, soda, and beer). The other two types of filling machinery are used for filling non-carbonated products, they are timed flow volumetric filling machines (also called timed pressure or time pressure) and overflow filling machines (also called pressure overflow).

Timed flow volumetric fillers are best suited for volumetrically filling beverage products that are thin, flowable liquids such as bottled water, flavored water, juices, sports drinks, tea, liquid sweeteners and nutritional supplements. These filling machines can be used to fill beverage products that are hot or cold into a wide variety of container sizes and types including bags and jugs.

Overflow filling equipment is probably the most common type of filling machinery in the beverage industry. Overflow Filling Machines are a “fill to level” filling machines which means that the product will always appear to have the same fill height in the container regardless of the manufacturing (and volumetric) variations of the container. They are also well suited for filling beverage products that are thin, flowable liquids. such as juices, flavored water, bottled water, sports drinks, nutritional supplements, liquid sweeteners and tea. They handle foamy products exceptionally well, and if there are variations in the products containers then the fill levels will appear better visually on the store shelves.

Accutek can provide all three types of beverage filling machinery as well as all of the ancillary packaging equipment such as bottle unscramblers, bottle rinsers, conveyors, capping machines, labelers, etc. for a complete beverage bottling line. Accutek manufactures a several styles and types of beverage filling equipment to accommodate a multitude of speed ranges and the wide variety of beverages out there.

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