Please note that we will be closed on the 4th and 5th in observance of Independence Day. We will resume office on July 8th.


Mookie Brothers - Peter

“I worked with Chris Back and it was a seamless process. He was informative from the beginning and very patient with all my questions. I am looking forward to working with him again and would recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you again Chris!”


Manscaped, INC

“We have been using Accutek since we started. Great company all around. Brian Marazoni is great ! Prompt responses and quick actions taken when we needed. We currently use a few of their single piston filling machines that can produce us 25k units per week. The build team there is also great ! Robert , Kid and Alex are always willing and able to help us out whenever we need. Would highly recommend the company.”

Muir Energy - Leticia

“Aaron, Rick, Joe, and Accutek team, thank you so much for your awesome customer service.”

Hanleys Foods

“Jimmy ‘Jones’ Jones from Accutek is the man! He went way above and behind to help assist us growing our producing line and taking it to the next level. This is a game-changer for us. 100 gallons use to take us 3hrs to fill, not can be done in 30 mins!”






“We bought the SVF-8 machine, the machine is so easy to learn and set up and helped us filling 10,000 items in 3 and a half days of work, defiantly worth every penny and my employees like it. great customer service. thank you!”






“I have worked with Accutek for several years. Recently, our company needed help with getting our Augur machine dialed in properly. Scott Babbott and Jimmy Garcia came out on two separate occasions to ensure not only were our machine worked properly but we understood elements we were ignorant to before. The service call helped our company run more efficiently and ultimately decided to purchase another machine”



“Our company has purchased a lot of machinery from Accutek. Whenever we need help diagnosing or fixing a problem, we contact Frank Rossi in the Service Department. Frank is a Senior Technician and is very helpful and very patient! Every time we need something he gets back to us right away and always has an answer. Frank will provide answers through email or over the phone. Bottom line- We appreciate Mr. Rossi and everything he continues to do to make sure we are taken care of. Frank rocks!”



“We have been using Accutek machinery for many years and the service department has always been great about helping us out. We have reached out to them numerous times and were always quickly followed up with to address any concerns. Today they really went the extra mile. We ran into some issues with a new packaging line and reached out for help. The service department, specifically Scott Babbott, immediately began working with us to get our problem resolved. Our manufacturing line was at a complete standstill and I am confident that we would have lost countless hours had we not had the awesome support of Scott today. Through spending the time and working through the issues, we were able to get everything up and running the way it should be. With so many moving parts to manufacturing, it is a relief to know that we have the machinery support to fix any issue that we may encounter. Thank you Accutek!”






“The Accutek service team helped me over the phone to identify a problem with my Labeler. My technician ended up FaceTiming me to see exactly what was going on, was patient and diagnosed the issue. I expressed that i needed the parts ASAP and they were there the next morning at 7:30 am and everything worked flawlessly. My thanks to the service team for helping us stay ahead of deadlines and sending us the parts needed in a timely matter. Will continue to do business with Accutek”



“Matt did a great job demonstrating the new labeler. Aaron had paperwork, manual, everything ready so I could take delivery on the spot. Thanks! “


Hobe Labs

“I just want to Say, the AccuTek Service team and Especially Mr. Scott Babbitt was absolutely phenomenal in assisting us to get a piece of AccuTek Equipment Quickly back on-line! Not to mention the training and information supplied was priceless. Don’t fight through your Production issues, let the AccuTek Team help you find the True ‘Root Cause’ of your problem; well worth the investment! That is why we chose Accutek!”






“Worked with Chris Back over the course of a couple of months while looking for equipment to help scale our business. We talked to plenty of manufacturers but had by far the best experience working with Chris at Accutek. He answered all of our questions and made recommendations based on our needs and not just trying to sell us on everything. He also helped us identify equipment that would be affordable and able to be integrated into a broader line later. Will definitely be coming back as we look for more equipment!”



“Scott was fantastic! Very professional, knew the ins and outs of the equipment, and made sure I was very familiar with the operation before heading home. Thanks!”



“Brandon with Accutek was great to work with when deciding on what equipment we needed. Service after the sale has been stellar!”



“Great experience with both the sales and parts departments in getting my bottling facility running. Feels good to having quality equipment and service. Wouldn’t trust any other brand !”



“We were in a tough spot looking for a new bottle labeler, something reliable and available to ship quickly. I reached out to Brandon at Accutek and he was quick to respond and get us set up with a top of the line labeler within a week. Definitely recommend Accutek!”



“I purchased machines from Accutek in 2017 and to be quite honest they haven’t worked out so well for my particular product. I have made little headway on rectifying my issues. To be blatantly honest, if it were not for John Taylor (Service Manager) I really do not know where I would be. John is an amazingly professional and honest person. He truly understands what customer service is all about. He genuinely cares about his job and costumers. If John was involved in the process of purchasing my machines, I know for a fact that I would not have purchased the wrong machines. A salesman is there to sell equipment. Do they really understand costumers needs? John has definitely kept me having faith in Accutek.”



“John Taylor is a knowledgeable guy and a great person to work with, he did a great job for us.”



“The owner, Darren, is a knowledgeable guy and a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend Accutek for all of your packaging and bottling needs! Accutek will be your last stop.”



“John Taylor the service manager out of Florida did a fantastic job for us. He made sure everyone was trained on the equipment and went above and beyond to help us get our line running!!”






“I have a Labelette brand APS-106 labeler. Was having issues with the labels getting wrinkles. John Taylor the service manager at the Florida location is the best. Took a few phone calls, but he stayed with it until my issues where resolved. Would recommend everyone call him if they have any problems.”



“Very knowledgeable staff. Jay helped me find the right gear that I needed to label my bottles.”


Pennypacker - Tony

“We have been using Accutek machinery for many years and the service department has always been great about helping us out. We have reached out to them numerous times and were always quickly followed up with to address any concerns. Today they really went the extra mile. We ran into some issues with a new packaging line and reached out for help. The service department, specifically Scott Babbott, immediately began working with us to get our problem resolved. Our manufacturing line was at a complete standstill and I am confident that we would have lost countless hours had we not had the awesome support of Scott today. Through spending the time and working through the issues, we were able to get everything up and running the way it should be. With so many moving parts to manufacturing, it is a relief to know that we have the machinery support to fix any issue that we may encounter. Thank you Accutek!”


The Pickle Juice Company, LLC - Steve

“Yesterday I ordered a motor for our Labelette machine from Alex Arguello in California.  UPS had already picked up for the day so next day air delivery was to be delayed and the result would be a lost day of production.

However, Alex took the initiative to personally bring the motor to a UPS facility so the parcel would ship for arrival this morning. 

I want to commend Alex on his commitment to customer service.  You may be proud of his attitude and efforts promoting the positive customer service culture at Accutek.”



“Thanks for helping today! I wanted to let you know that Jimmy Garcia was very helpful and together we figured out what was wrong (one of the cords inside the main computer unit had come undone). 

It’s comforting to know how great your and your team’s customer service is — just in case we have issues in the future. Thank you.”



“Scott and his team at Accutek have done a fabulous job for us. Service is great, follow up is good. Highly recommend them!!!”



“Scott Babbitt and his team are extremely helpful, and they have not let me down once. Very friendly and proficient!”



“Accutek customer service has always been 100% helpful every time we call. Scott Babbit is really knowledgeable about all equipment and has never let me down. Awesome customer service overall.”



“First time dealing with Accutek packaging Darlyn Payne and Scott Babbitt did a great job teaching myself and other technicians about our new Accutek bottling line. Scott did a great job showing how to use the capping and labeling machines within the line. Darlyn was extremely helpful with the bottle filling process and answered any questions we had. We appreciate all the help.”



“I have nothing but great things to say about Accutek. From my initial inquiry with Aaron, who patiently guided me through the process of selecting the right machine (filler) for my business, to the awesome support from Rick and JJ in the service department, I could not be happier with my decision to do business with Accutek. Customer service goes a long way in my view, and Rick has provided us with stellar service every step of the way. He is super knowledgeable, thorough and friendly. The Accutek team are super supportive of my business, they want me to succeed and help me problem solve the challenges that come with growth. There is no doubt in my mind that we’ll be in business together for many years to come.”



“Our service technician JIMMY JONES was such great help, to say the least. He arrived earlier than our scheduled appointment to make sure he gave himself enough time to fix the problem, he was here for a good while making sure everything was working correctly. Thank you for your thoroughness and hard work Jimmy.”



“Our Sales Rep Aaron Carpenter was very knowledgeable and professional. He listened to our immediate needs and plans for growth. His recommendations and clear explanations of each option helped in our decision making process. The quality and craftsmanship of our sanitizing and bottling equipment is excellent. I’ve already recommended their services to another company. Thank you!”






“Amazing Company to Work with. They quickly respond to any of our needs, and problems are always solved. Aaron Carpenter is second-to-none as a dedicated sales rep that understands and seeks to further understand our company’s ever evolving needs.”



“I absolutely love working with companies that are so fluid and quick with their service. I scheduled an appointment with Aaron Carpenter for a walkthrough and was able to head down to San Diego the week after. Aaron walked me through the many different types of setups that we could use. The quote was quick and easy and once I was ready to place an order. I contacted Aaron for our machine! The best part about my experience, was that Aaron was not in a rush to sell me. It was a no rush process, no hassling, no annoying following up calls/emails. I will most definitely come back and look for Aaron the next time I need something from Accutek!”



“Great experience with Brandon Williams. Most suppliers had a 6-10 week lead time for equipment, but with his assistance we had our product sent in, set up on the equipment, video of our materials operating successfully and equipment out the door in 5 days. Thank you!”



“Jimmy Jones was in our in our facility this week, he has a very professional sense about himself and very good work ethics. Thanks..”



“Great experience dealing with Accutek. I love my new Mini Pinch, they delivered in 3 weeks and it works great. Chris was a very professional sales rep, helpful and informative. Will be purchasing a second filler next year.”



“Very happy and satisfied with our new packaging line. The Florida service department excels at answering me the same day and up to this point we can say we recommend Accutek to anyone looking for new equipment.”



“Our filler is fast and easy to use. No issues compared to Chinese made equipment. Thank you Accutek.”



“The BEST no competition comes close!!!!!!”






 Thank you again Chris!”



“John Taylor went above and beyond in order to help/resolve all of our equipment-related issues. His work ethic is unrivaled; always working until the job gets done. He would be a valuable asset to any company. Highly recommend.”



“Accutek has made my life easier once again!!!!!! I was a moron about 6 months ago and decided to go with another bottling company and I paid the ultimate price. 2 weeks in backorders and over 150 hours of overtime per week. I called Brian at Accutek and he saved the day and got a Mini-Pinch out to me as fast as he possibly could. My old set-up was two mini-pinches and then I was sold on an automated line and I was promised it would put out 50,000 bottles per day. Buy were they wrong, I was putting out 5,000 bottles per day max. One $8,000 mini-pinch tripled the production of a 120,000 dollar line. Problem was I sold one mini-pinch when I received my beautiful new machine. So I called Brian at Accutek apologizing and asked if he could get me a mini-pinch ASAP. 2 weeks later he hand delivered the Mini-Pinch and has saved the day!!!”


Obsessions Hair

“The company is outstanding. Talking to them on the phone is not enough. You must see the showroom!!! If you own a business you’ll be like a kid in a candy store. Brandon my sales guy was great! The guys in the warehouse took their time to teach me exactly how my machine worked. I didn’t feel rushed and I was very confident in using my machine once I got back to my warehouse. Check them out. Ask for Brandon.”

Five Pawns - Victor 

“I have been dealing with Accutek for over three years, and all I can say is that they are GREAT!!!!! They really take care of you when it comes to any needs (Machines, Tech Support, Parts, you name it.) Daryln Payne is of the best Service Technician, he really takes care of our needs for any machine problems. If you want to start doing any business with Accutek, I can assure you will not be disappointed..”


Green Planet Products - Rob

“Thanks, Darlyn and Jerimiah. Service was on time, informative and helpful. Thanks for the available options and complete explanation thereof.”


White Label Juice Company - Hailey

“I just wanted to take a moment to commend Jimmy Jones for the awesome work he did on our machines. Not only was he punctual, informative and an all around nice guy, he genuinely spent time going through our setup and making sure everything was right on track for immediate use. He took the time to walk me through everything he did and give wonderful advice on how to keep our machines fully operational all the time. He truly gave us a great experience and we will only ask for Jimmy to come to service our company again! Five stars across the board.”


CL&D Graphics - Chuck

“Thanks for the warm reception, your hospitality and of course for the labors of the Accutek, Phase Fire & Biner Ellison teams during our recent visit and trials. I was impressed with your facilities and with the professional associates working within them. I wish to thank Nick Bird, for his efforts organizing this trial and I especially want to mention how much I enjoyed working with Jaime Garcia, at the shrink tunnel. Jaime is truly a talented technician.

We at CL&D Graphics are committed to seeing these high shrink technologies through all steps; from customer conception to converting graphics on shrink films to the application and shrink. We look forward to working with you in the future; hopefully on this project as well as on other applications. Since our visit, we have already recommended Accutek to another customer of ours!”


T-Jett Marine, Inc - Mike

“Thanks for the attention you always give when I ask for something unusual for my very old machine.”


The Groves on 41 - Karen

“We bought a ROPP capper from Accutek last year. This piece of equipment has been a real workhorse for us & we’ll likely get another one next year.

When we started a sizable bottling run earlier this week, we had a problem with the bottle tray. The service team provided us a quick solution to the problem and we were back in business. Great product. Great support.”


Gar Laboratories Inc - Tom

“It been a couple of years since I purchased my in-line filling machine, I wanted to take the time to you some feedback on the machine.

The installation of the machine was effortless, you had a service tech arrive with the machine and got the machine up and running with no dead time. The operation of the machine was straight forward and had no mystery to it. The metering of the bottles, incoming AND outgoing as well as the addition of the drip tray guaranteed that you wouldn’t have crushed or misfiled bottles. Overall it is a nice machine and good value.

The real reason for my letter is to ask you to quote me on a second machine. Please send me a quote for 16 head and 20 head filling capabilities. Include all the extras like bottle metering and drip trays etc.”


Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies - Joe

“I want to thank Accutek Packaging for their fast response time on delivering an Inline Filler and Capper for our plant in Puerto Rico last year. In spite of the very tight timetable, Accutek was still able to provide some customized features that were important to us. My understanding is that people worked on weekends to meet our schedule. It was a please working with Accutek Packaging who took a personal interest in our project. Accutek help solve an unexpected production problem.”


Dealer Chemicals - R.G

“We have owned an Accutek fill model #THPDF-10 for over five years. We have found the unit to be easy to use, maintain and most of all, very reliable. WE purchased the filler because we needed versatile low volume filler that would be adaptable from 4oz. containers to quarts. The filler met our needs and exceeded them, in that we were able to fill units smaller than 1 oz. with accuracy and speed.

We would not hesitate to purchase another one of your units when the need arose.”


Bodie-Hoover Petroleum Corporation - Craig

“We have had no problems with the equipment that we purchased from Accutek Packaging. We are very impressed by its ease of operation. The staff at Accutek Packaging is very professional and we have a very favorable opinion of the machinery and the service that Accutek Packaging represents. Thank you for all you have done to meet all of our expectations of packaging manufacturer.

I look forward to working with you on our next packaging project.”


Pestco Inc - Arnold

“Our plant caught fire which destroyed our entire filler and capper lines. We weren’t happy with our previous filling and capping equipment, so it was recommended by others in the industry to call Accutek Packaging. We purchased two Time/Gravity Fillers and 3-Station Fully Automatic Capper from Accutek Packaging because their price was competitive and they had good quality equipment. All of your equipment is far superior in construction and design to the “ELF” systems we previously had. The slight difference is cost far exceeds our wildest expectations! We are much happier now without equipment then we were when we had a competitor’s equipment in our plant. Our sales representative from Accutek Packaging was very helpful in following up on the sale and straightening out the minor problems we had at the start. The equipment is fully operational and our employees understand how to operate it which makes us totally satisfied with our purchase.

Thank you for your time and help, we really appreciate the professionalism and highest quality equipment.”


Pinnacle Oil - Ken

“When asked what I liked about Accutek Packaging equipment, I immediately answered everything. We purchased from Accutek Packaging an 8-Head Positive Displacement Filler and a 3-Station Fully Automatic Capper and have been very impressed with the quality of their equipment as well as the operation. Accutek Packaging is a very good company with excellent sales and service. We would recommend Accutek Packaging to anyone with packaging needs; in fact, we have Accutek Packaging bring in potential customers to view their equipment working inside of our plant. Accutek Packaging equipment is the only packaging equipment we have ever bought, when it came in it ran from day one and hasn’t stopped since.”


Sunshine Products, Inc - Gordon

“We are very pleased with the 6-Head positive Displacement Filler, Vibrator Bowl and 3-Station Capper that we purchased from Accutek Packaging systems. Accutek Packaging is easy to use and the quality and workmanship is top notch, delivery and installation were on time and the training was excellent. I would recommend Accutek Packaging systems to any business who wants professionals meeting their packaging needs.”


Wacker Silicones Corporation - Carmen

“I wanted to give you some feedback on the six head filler we purchased approximately three years ago. The selection team included members of plant maintenance and production operators. We compared three different manufacturer’s fillers and yours was selected. Our bottle is unique, and you did an excellent job customizing the filler to meet our needs. The operators liked the ease of operation and the drip tray feature. Your installer worked well with my mechanics and helped to make the installation and startup a smooth one. The filler has been operating without any problems for three years and we would gladly purchase any products from Accutek Packaging in the future.”


The Atlas Companies - Larry

“When we first set out to look for filler, we didn’t even know if what we needed was even available. Our Accutek Packaging representative brought their demo truck to our plant and demonstrated exactly what we were looking for. We purchased a 10-Head Over Flow Filler and a 3-Station Fully Automatic Capper. Through increased familiarization with the machine, we have increased our speed on our line. Accutek Packaging is very service oriented, they have done more than we expected by bending over backward to take care of any questions we had. Besides service, their equipment is soundly built, and in business today you need both quality and service to survive.”


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