Powder Filling Machines and Its Applications

Powder is one of the most common products around. Anywhere you go, you are bound to encounter a product in powder form whether it’s protein powder, baking soda, coffee, baby powder, or spice. With the help of powder filling machines, manufacturers are able to package powder products in different sizes, shapes, and volumes.

Powder filling machines are often used in the following industries:

– Food

– Pharmaceutical

– Farming

– Personal care

– House care

Because powder is not created equal, machine manufacturers have built different types of powder filling machines that cater to different kinds of powders. Some powders have granular sizes while others can quickly clump together when exposed to humidity.

Aside from type of product, powder automated filling systems are also classified by type of mechanism. These are just some of the special capabilities each type of powder filling machine has.

Cup Fillers

Ideal for free flowing products such as nuts, peas, corns, and beans, the cup filler machine measures a product based on where the product levels off in a container. A wiper removes the excess product flowing from the cup so it is leveled. Compared to other types of fillers, the cupper filler provides high production rates.

Net weight filler

A net weight filler weighs the amount of product before filling a container. The benefit of using this type of powder filling machine is that it provides very accurate fill weights. The dribble feed rate automatically slows down as soon as the desired weight is almost achieved. It can be used on a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights by simply manipulating the weight adjust controls.

Auger filling machine

For fine powders, the auger filling machine is the best choice. Not only is it much more efficient, but it also prevents dust from getting in. You can have your auger filler made so products during the dispense cycle are virtually closed off from the atmosphere.

To pick the best automated filling systems, it is important to consider the consistency of your products. Whether it’s an irregularly shaped product, is free flowing, or piece count type, there is bound to be a powder filling machine that works best with its consistency.

By picking the most efficient automated powder filling machine, you enjoy efficiency and accuracy. As a result, production rates are higher. As with any product manufacturing company quality and quantity must go hand in hand in order to gain higher profits.

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