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Accutek liquid filling machines handle sport drinks without a problem. There are four technologies used to fill a container with a measured amount of sports drink; timed flow, fill to level, metered flow, and seldom used fill by weight.

Liquid Filling Equipment

Accutek pinch series products are timed flow fillers ranging from an entry level semi-automatic filling machines to automatic filling machines that can fill up to twelve containers per cycle and they work well with free flowing liquids. The fill to level or overflow fillers are good with sport drinks where filled bottles on the retail shelf must be at the same level. Positive displacement pump fillers are best for repeatable and accurate fills. Positive displacement pump fillers count pump shaft rotations to determine the fill level.

The piston fillers, semi-automatic and automatic, manufactured by Accutek are recommended for liquids that contain pulp. The fill level is determined by the piston diameter and the stroke length. Accutek has entry level machines that fill a single bottle at a time or high end machines that can fill twelve containers with automated container handling.

Completing a Packaging Machinery Line

In addition to sport drink filling equipment you will also need a capper, cap handlers and a labeler. As well as conveyors and turn tables that move containers between machines, Accutek offers different model machines for each function to provide our customers the optimum solution for packaging their products. All contact surfaces are stainless steel making our machines corrosion resistant and easy to sanitize.

We can supply our customers a complete packaging line, installation and service with a single purchase order. We have supplied liquid packing machines for juice, water, beverage, dairy, brewing, distilled spirits, wine, pharmaceutical, nutritional, industrial cleaners, household products and chemical Industries. Accutek thoroughly tests every component and the integration of the complete packaging line. We offer factory acceptance testing to our customers and we carefully crate and ship your order from our factory in Vista California.

Contact your Accutek sales engineer to help you choose the best Accutek liquid filler for your product. Combining our products and services can help make your sport drink packaging process more profitable for many years.

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