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The Automatic Bottle Washer is an ideal companion to any automatic filling line. The Bottle Washer can utilize compressed gas, washing liquid, sanitizing liquid, or rinse liquid to clear debris or sanitize your containers prior to filling. Accutek ‘s Automatic Bottle Washer ships complete with an Automatic Bottle Indexing (ABI) System, valves and manifold with up to 12 nozzle jets, recovery basin, and a soft grip bottle grabber all based on a heavy-duty Stainless Steel frame.

• Unique roll up design allows the Accutek Bottle Washer to be added to any existing conveyor line or replace an obsolete Washer and placed into operation within minutes. The Bottle Washer is height adjustable with articulating feet to match existing conveyor height. Heavy-duty locking casters are optional making the Washer available for use with multiple filling lines. The Bottle Washer can also be used as a stand-alone unit when ordered with a freestanding conveyor. When ordering the Accutek Bottle Washer, remember to request a conveyor extension for your filling machine line.

• Operation of the Bottle Washer is as simple as it is to set up. Photo eyes count the appropriate quantity of containers into the work area and then stop additional containers from entering using an indexing system. A second indexer stops the progress of the bottles in the work area at the appropriate position. The gripper arm then slightly squeezes the containers and inverts the containers over the nozzle jets located in the recovery basin. The soft grip bottle grabber gently hold bottle in place and an actuator with end cushions slows the gripper arm at the end of each rotation cycle so the containers do not jar out of position ensuring accurate location above the nozzle jets and a soft landing back onto the bottle conveyor. The gripper arm has a pressure adjustment so containers are not excessively squeezed or collapsed.

•  Standard indexing is accomplished with a pin indexing system. The pin indexing system allows for rapid change over from one container to another with little limitation in container size or shape. For odd shaped containers or containers that are heavy, dual pin indexing is occasionally needed. Star Wheel Indexing is an upgrade option that is also available. Star Wheel indexing eliminates the need to make any adjustments to the indexing package including photo sensors or indexer set up. Star Wheel indexers also increase the output of the machine by up to 30% by maintaining positive control of the container during conveyor transport allowing the overall speed of the transport conveyor to be increased. Each container size and shape will almost always require an additional star wheel tooling but change over from each set up tooling is less than 1 minute.

• Using compressed gas as the product source for the nozzle jets allows the Bottle Washer to remove any carton dust or glass particles. Utilizing CO 2 or Nitrogen can also aid in the displacement of O 2 and potentially increase the shelf life of your product.

• The Bottle Washer can be upgraded with up to four cycles. Any combination of compressed gas, water, filtered water, Iodofore, sanitizing solution, ozonated water, distilled water, or RO water can be used to maximize the effectiveness of the wash or rinse.

• “No Clog” spray nozzles and valve system allows the Washer to remain in operation when recycling rinse or sanitizing solution from the recovery basin.

• Fluid path connections can be upgraded to sanitary fittings and couplings for increased sanitization requirements. The centrifugal pump that is included with the Bottle Washer Cycle option has a beverage grade Ryton head.

• A higher capacity pump is available for applications where higher liquid pressure is required or when using 12 heads for wash or rinse liquid delivery. Stainless Steel centrifugal pumps are available for higher sanitation requirements or when adding the Heated Package or using liquid product above 140 ° F.

• Recirculating a sanitizing solution from the recovery basin using the pump can save up to 5,200 gallons of rinse solution per 8-hour shift. The high volume of sanitizing solution increases operational costs as well as adds unwanted effluents into your wastewater or sewage system. Filter sets can be added to the liquid fluid path to assist in removal of large particulates that may be introduced into the recirculating sanitizing solution. Depending on the effectiveness duration of the sanitizing agent in use, the sanitizing solution may be used throughout an entire shift.

• An air filtration system is recommended when using compressed gas to ensure the cleanliness of the gas prior to entering the Bottle Washer. Different air filtration systems and filter types are available depending on the gas used and the level of application cleanliness required.

• Full inverted position of the container and adjustable timed drain delay ensures containers are fully drained prior to exiting the Washer.

• Utilizing heated water to rinse the containers prior to filling will temper glass containers against thermal shock. Some sanitizing solutions work better or have a shorter required contact time if the liquid heat is increased. An immersion heater kit with variable temperature controls can be added to maintain temperature if recirculating.

• Optional OUTER Container rinsing jets are available. This option can be used in conjunction with an Air Knife System or Air Blower Systems to dry the containers after exit of the Bottle Washer or placed after the filler so any liquid is removed from the containers prior to labeling. This allows the container to be rinsed or sanitized inside and out!

• The Bottle Washer cleans effectively at production rate speeds of up to 72 containers per minute or 34,560 containers per 8-hour shift .

• After the containers are rinsed and placed back onto the transport conveyor, the gripper indexer releases the containers and at the same time the inlet indexer releases a new set of containers to be rinsed. Because both sets of containers, new containers to be rinsed and freshly rinsed containers, are moving at the same time, maximum speed and efficiency is achieved. The exit photo eye counts the containers out ensuring a true “No Bottle – No Wash ” cycle occurs. The inlet photo eye will not allow the Bottle Washer to begin the next cycle until the programmed number of containers are in position and ready. This eliminates any wasted sanitizing solution or chemicals and keeps the outside of the container dry. A bottle back up sensor can be positioned at the operator’s preference. This photo eye will pause the Bottle Washer’s operation if it detects a container continuously in the sensor area. This allows the Washer to pause if there is a problem or stall downstream from the unit.

• All operations are controlled from an easy to use, alphanumeric control panel and display. When additional cycles are added, they can be individually controlled for cycle time and even shut off when they are not needed. The Control Panel also allows the operator to maximize the work area by setting the Bottle Washer to wash from 6 to 12 containers. When smaller containers are being washed, more can fit in the work area, enabling the Washer to work faster by washing more containers per cycle, maximizing productivity and matching the speeds of the filler and capper downstream. On the fly adjustments can be made using the control panel to make any needed changes during operation.

• A Lexan safety lid with an optional interlock allows access to the Washer recovery basin and nozzles for easy cleaning, maintenance, and container change over.

• No Tool Adjustment allow for quick change over between containers. Set up takes minutes and no expensive or difficult to install change parts are needed for different containers. The Bottle Washer can safely clean bottles ranging in size from 1oz. to 1 gallon with no modifications. The Bottle Washer with some options or modifications can clean larger, odd shaped, or excessively heavy containers.

• Adding the Static Discharge Station prior to rinsing PET or HDPE containers will eliminate any static energy that tends to cause the containers to “stick” together.

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