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Chef Macee’s Introduction by the Herb Spritz Corporation

In August 2010 the Herb Spritz Corporation unveiled it new Chef Macee’s brand ‘spritz’ on herbs. Chef Macee’s brings the fresh flavor of you favorite herbs direct to you home without the storage and time sensitive problems associated with typical fresh herbs. There initial product launch introduced nine ways to spritz up you food, Basil, Cilantro, Garlic, Italian, Oregano, Red Chile, Mint, Caramelized Onion, and Rosemary.

Chef Macee’s utilizes a special process to extract the best flavor from an herb and place it in a convenient, 12 month shelf stable ‘spritz’ bottle which never requires refrigeration. The herbs can be used before, during, and after cooking. The goal of getting the flavor of fresh herbs to everyone’s table in a complete and easy way is now a reality. Chef Macee’s is not a ‘flavoring’ or an ‘essence’. It is the herb, a simple and elegant move away from pastes and other processes that look to imitate the real, original flavor of an herb by masking it or mixing with unfavorable byproducts.

Chef Macee’s arrives at a great time for consumers who are looking for the experience of gourmet food and the flavors fresh herbs bring without the cost of leaving the house. Focus during product development was on lifestyles such as the weight and health conscious consumer, also the ever increasing diabetic community to deliver a low calorie healthy way to add flavor to food in an economical format.

For more information on Chef Macee’s visit www.chefmacees.com

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Herb Spritz’s Partnership with Accutek Packaging

In order to bring this product to market the Herb Spritz Corporation needed a way to package the Chef Macee’s spritz. To do this they called upon Accutek Packaging Equipment Companies, Inc to build a turnkey production line that could accommodate all nine of their new herbs sprays. Filling the Chef Macee’s product was a relatively straightforward project but their container posed some unique challenges. The characteristics of the container, tall with small footprint, can make stabilizing it through the packaging process a difficult task. Despite this challenge Accutek Packaging was able to put together a cost effective solution in a matter of weeks to meet Herb Spritz project specifications and production requirements.

The solution developed for Herb Spritz was a fully automated line that fills, closes, and decorates the spritz container. The line does feature an Automatic Timed Flow Filler which was the perfect choice for filling multiple free flowing liquids like the Chef Macee’s products.

For more information on this and other unique packaging solutions visit https://www.accutekpackaging.com/

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