106-F Revolutionary Labeling Machine

The 106-F labeling machine features a fabric belt designed to aid in labeling low-profile or unstable containers that can be affected by the flexible chain link on standard APS or PSA series labelers. This fabric belt prevents scratching or damaging high-gloss cosmetic bottles while labeling.



The APS-106-F is a revolutionary automatic pressure sensitive labeler designed for efficient label application onto containers. It applies single labels, adhering to contact on containers. These self-contained units include all the needed components, ready for user-friendly operation.

The labeler is designed with a fabric belt to assist in labeling low profile or unstable containers that are affected by the flexible chain link on the standard APS or PSA series labelers. The fabric belt will help in not marring or scratching high gloss cosmetic bottles during the labeling process.

The labeling machines feature a high-torque digital drive system for precise label application, ensuring reliability with low maintenance. A variable speed conveyor handles speeds up to 175 containers per minute, perfect for high-volume production. These labelers also have a full wrap station, maintaining smooth label application without wrinkles or creases; an accurate non-contact photo eye detection system ensures labels are placed correctly on each container.

One of the standout features that is included is Labelettes’s Auto Label Learn software. This software allows operators to make real-time adjustments to bottle and label settings using touch screen controls. This feature streamlines changeovers and reduces production downtime.

The labelers accommodate plastic, metal, fiber, and glass containers, offering versatility for diverse packaging needs. The APS-106-F Series Labeler provides a comprehensive automated labeling solution for various industries. Their capacity to manage diverse label sizes, materials, and high-speed operations, along with user-friendly software for quick adjustments, adds value to packaging lines seeking efficient and reliable labeling processes.


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