Unscrambling Machine Information

The Accutek Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Elevator / Orientor is designed to provide a floor-level loading source for containers and orients the containers and delivers them to an Accutek or end user supplied conveyor.

Empty containers are loaded into the easy access bulk hopper. A large flight cleated elevator lifts the empty containers from the bulk hopper and deposits them into the centrifugal feeder. The elevator system is controlled by an “On Demand” photo eye in the centrifugal feeder. In the centrifugal feeder, the containers are moved to the outside of the bowl and drop into the tooling channel. The tooling channel will ensure the container is in proper position to enter the container spacing belt. The container spacing belt maintains positive control over the container and ensures properly timed containers enter the orientation belt work area. The container spacing belt will determine the overall production speed output of the unit. As the containers enter the orientation work area, nylon encased, spring loaded gripper belts pull the container to the orientation hook. If the neck of the container is exposed the hook will raise the container upright and then swing back down into posi tion for the next container. If the bottom of the container is exposed, the container will pass under the hook and all containers will then reach the pivot block. The pivot block forces the containers to orient upright. Once the containers are upright they transfer from the inlet orientation belt work area to the exit belt work area. This bottle gripper belt is also nylon encased and spring loaded. A secondary landing plate will continue to make any final minor adjustments to the orientation of the upright container until the container is deposited onto the next conveyor.

• Based on a heavy-duty stainless steel frame, food grade conveyor chain and container contact parts, these units are food grade and durable. All contact parts are Stainless Steel or a FDA/USDA approved food grade material.

• All motor drives and powered, moving surfaces utilize a direct drive system, eliminating belts, clutches, brakes, gears and chains. Removing these types of mechanical systems eliminates the need for lubrication and grease ensuring the motorized portion of the Bottle Unscrambler stays clean and free of any contaminating debris.

• All contact parts are resistant to any flaking, chipping, scuffing, and will not cause any cosmetic damage to the containers during the orientation process.

• An optional Bulk Hopper Lid can be added when increased sanitary conditions are required. An easy access unload door option is available for unloading the bulk hopper at the end of a production run or for cleaning. Complete product path Polycarbonate guarding is also available for increased safety standards or to meet higher sanitary requirements.

• The Bulk Hopper Elevator is controlled with an “On Demand” Sensor. The sensor package will pause the conveyor when the centrifugal assembly is full. Upgraded sensors may be needed for hard to detect containers.

• The Bulk Hopper Elevator is variable speed to control the amount of containers that can be delivered into the Centrifugal Feeder.

• A low-level alarm option is available to alert the line operator when the standard 35 cubic foot bulk hopper level is low. The low level alarm can be configured for audible, flashing beacon, or both. A high capacity 50 cubic foot basin is also an available upgrade option.

The Centrifugal Bowl Feeder section is the collection point for containers being deposited by the Bulk Hopper Elevator. The Centrifugal Feeder has an adjustable speed control for complete control during the sorting process.

The Centrifugal Feeder forces the containers to the outside edge of the feeder and allows them to drop into the tooling channel.

The size of the tooling channel is controlled and changed using easy to swap change parts. The change parts include the disk and the disk risers. The disk will determine what size container will be allowed to drop into the tooling channel and the disk risers will ensure that the containers are controlled by placing the disk height at the centerline of the container.

The containers in the tooling channel will be forced into the Bottle Unscrambler Container Spacing Belt Assembly.

The Container Spacing Belt is a variable speed single drive belt. The belt captures the container as it exits the Centrifugal Feeder and meters the containers into the Orientation Station. The Container Spacing Belt Assembly is adjustable for various size containers. The assembly is also variable speed to control the spacing of the containers and ensure that proper spacing allows for a neck hook to lower in time for the next container. The overall height (length) of the container will determine the production output of the Bottle Unscrambler. The taller (longer) the container the more time is needed for the neck hook to drop back into place to hook the next container.

The Orientation Station includes two sections of independently controlled container gripper belts, the neck hook, and the bottle shoe. As the containers are metered into the Orientation Station they can be entering in neck first or bottom first. If the container enters neck first the neck hook catches in the neck opening and pulls the container upright and releases when the bottom of the container is leading. The nylon covered belts allow the container to rotate freely while still maintaining maximum control over the container. If the container is bottom first the neck hook will slip over the container and not affect the travel or orientation of the container. The Bottle Shoe is located at the transition point of the two independent pairs of gripper belts. The Bottle Shoe is a tapered ramp that acts as a ramp affecting the bottom of the container. As the bottom of the container is pulled over the Bottle Shoe, the shape of the shoe forces the container upright and horizontal to the floor. At the same time container control is transferred to the second pair of gripper belts also utilizing nylon encased gripper belts. An adjustable skid plate can be used to make any minor orientation corrections to the containers to ensure that the container bottoms are perfectly horizontal to the floor. The second pair of gripper belts discharges the now oriented container onto a conveyor belt. Both sets of gripper belts are spring loaded to ensure control over containers regardless of minor container mold flaws or container distortion. The spring loaded belts also ensure lower belt wear and virtually eliminates the possibility of container or finish scuffing.

A Bottle Back Up Sensor is included with the Bottle Unscrambler and can be mounted downstream of the unit. The back up sensor will detect when a backlog of containers is present downstream of the unit and pause the operation of the Container Spacing Belt. When the backlog is cleared, the Container Spacing Belt will restart and production will resume.

Container change over is very quick and tool-less. The cleats included with the Bulk Hopper Elevator are universal and will accommodate almost any container. The Centrifugal Bowl Feeder disk and risers lift out and can be changed in less than 5 minutes. A ratchet handle quick release clamping system allows the Container Spacing Belt to be adjusted and hand wheel adjustment controls the diameter of the gripper belt assemblies. Machine operators commonly take less than 10 minutes for a complete machine changeover increasing production and decreasing downtime.

aintenance for the Bottle Unscrambler is almost non-existent. No lubrication is required because of the use of sealed bearings. Advanced engineering and component use has eliminated all chains, gears, and pulleys and replaced them with direct drive motor systems. All stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum completes the robust and maintenance free design. All electronics are located in a Nema 4 enclosure and motors are exposed for easy replacement upon the unlikely occurrence that one of them fails.

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