Sensible Conveyor Maintenance



Listen to the sound of your conveyor as it is working. Hear the sound of the conveyor plates as they roll over the pulleys. You should not hear bearing noise or gear noise. The sound of conveyor operation should remain at the same volume over time. Any new noise that you hear from your conveyor is an indication that something may be wrong. Don’t ignore the noise find its cause.



Look at the surface of the belt for build up of spilled product on the surface of the belt and accumulation of gunk between the conveyor links. Keep your conveyor free of foreign material for good performance.



The conveyor belt must be loosened and removed for proper cleaning. The conveyor belt tension can be relaxed by loosening the axle bolts on both sides of the conveyor at the end opposite the drive motor. The conveyor must be returned to the same tension when you reinstall the cleaned belt.Use a punch or small screwdriver to remove the link pin from a link. The link pin only comes out in one direction. The conveyor belt can now be removed from its track for cleaning.
Note that the conveyor is designed to move in one direction as shown in the picture below.


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