Bottle Corking Machine – T_Corker Stomp capper

The automatic T-Corker is a bottle corking machine that utilizes a centrifugal bowl with an air orientation system to sort the corks and deliver to the cap chute. 

The automatic T-Corker is a bottle corking machine that utilizes a centrifugal bowl with an air orientation system to sort the corks and deliver to the cap chute. The bottle corking machine ensures that the corks are positioned correctly for insertion into the bottles. The corks are applied pneumatically with a tamp cylinder to drive into the bottle neck.

The automation of this corking process improves efficiency and consistency in sealing bottles with corks.

The bottle corking machine minimizes the need for manual labor and can handle a high volume of bottles in a production line. Additionally, the use of pneumatic components in the assembly allows for precise and controlled plug insertion into the bottles. The bottle corking machine can be mounted to an existing conveyor or Accutek can provide a conveyor and take care of the required machinery mounting.

Key Features:

  • Touch Screen Control System: The touch screen control panel serves as the user interface for operating the corking machine. Operators can use the touch screen to set parameters, monitor the process, and make adjustments as needed.
  • Corking Speed: Up to 60 CPM
  • Programmable Fiber-Optic Sensors: Fiber-optic sensors are used for bottle detection with adjustable sensitivity based on bottle material and color.
  • Powered Height Adjustability (Bottle Height Adjustment): This feature enables the bottle corking machine to accommodate bottles of various sizes/ Job Memory: The system can store and recall specific corking configurations and settings for different bottle types or production runs, streamlining setup and reducing operator error.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: The bottle corking machine is built with a robust and durable construction to withstand the rigors of continuous operation in an industrial setting.
  • Sanitary Stainless Steel C Frame: The frame of the bottle corking machine is made of sanitary stainless steel, which is easy to clean and maintain, important for food and beverage production environments.
  • Easy Change Part Swapping: The bottle corking machine is designed for quick and easy changeover between different bottle types or cork sizes, reducing downtime during product transitions.
  • Emergency Stop Functionality: A safety feature that allows for the immediate shutdown of the machine in case of emergencies or safety concerns.
  • Neck-Centering Guide: This guide aligns the bottles as they enter the corking station, ensuring that the corks are inserted accurately into the bottle.



  • Identifying Crooked Caps with Additional Sensor: To ensure the quality of the bottle corking process, an additional sensor can be used to identify crooked or misaligned caps. This sensor detects irregularities and triggers corrective actions to ensure that the caps are properly aligned and corked.
  • Non-Standard T-Corks: T-corks are a specific type of closure often used for wine bottles. If your production includes non-standard T-corks, the bottle corking machine is adaptable to handle various sizes and shapes of T-corks, ensuring a secure seal with consistent quality.
  • Bulk Loader for Centrifugal Bowl.   A level sensor will trigger a bulk loading elevator to replenish caps in the Centrifugal Bowl.


Recommended products this machine can cork:

Spirits and liquor bottles, olive oil bottles, vinegar bottles, gourmet sauces and dressings



  • Air: 90 PSI @ 3CMF
  • Electric: 120/220 VAC 50/60 HZ Single Phase 20 Amps


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