ASC-2 Retorquer

The ASC-2 Retorquer’s versatility and user-friendly design make it an indispensable tool for maintaining seal integrity and tamper-evident packaging across a wide range of containers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and hair product industries.


The ASC-2 Retorquer is placed after an induction sealer on a production line. Two spinning discs tighten the caps if loosened by the induction sealing process. The conveyor moves the product past the sensors and begins tightening them. The Asc-2 Retorquer is useful in any pharmaceutical industry line, cosmetics line, or hair product line, ensuring that the products are tamper-evident. The height is easily adjustable depending on the length of the bottles. With the Asc-2 Retorquer you can also adjust the speed of the spindles and the width to allow for various sizes and shapes of bottles.


  • Spindle width adjustment
  • Height Adjustment


  • Clutches: you can set these to desired tightness levels.

Objects this machine can tighten caps for:

This machine is good for tightening caps after they have been been induction sealed with aluminum foil, which loosens caps.

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