How Much Does a Liquid Filling Machine Cost?

When you’re in the market for a new liquid filling machine, there are many things to consider. One of the biggest variables is cost. What is your budget? How much does a liquid filling machine cost? What type and quality of equipment can you purchase within your price range? These questions are important to both new, struggling startups and well-established factories.

For the best bang for your buck, we recommend contacting a manufacturer you trust to help you determine what type of liquid filling machine is the right choice for your production line and budget.

However, before you make the call, you want to make sure you’re prepared for the conversation. That’s why we’ve outlined the basics for you here.

The Average Cost of a Liquid Filling Machine

Liquid filling machines vary widely in price because—just like any other product—there are many different sizes, types, styles, and manufacturers, all of which affect the final cost.

Generally, most liquid filling machines can be grouped into three categories that can help you determine where they fall on the price scale.

Small, Manual Liquid Filling Machines

Hobbyists, home enterprises, micro businesses, and small business owners with a limited production line can benefit from small, manual liquid filling machines. These models are on the  end of the price scale, with off-the-shelf machines as low as $250 and up to around $1,000. It’s recommended to choose a company that provides service and parts for these machines to avoid future complications. 

Note that if your budget becomes more flexible, some manual machines allow you to add automation packages to meet increased demand.

Commercial, Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

Semi-automatic liquid filling machines are used by small businesses and companies with production lines that are too demanding to be served by a manual tabletop liquid filling machine.

You can find semi-automatic machines for a few thousand dollars, although they often lack some features. On the higher end of this category, you can expect to spend $20,000 or more; these models come with many different options, such as additional heads and increased product versatility.

Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machines for Industrial Use

Large, fully automatic liquid filling machines are intended for highly robust production lines.

Automatic equipment with basic functions that only support one type of liquid product start at around $25,000. From there, the price range extends to tens of thousands of dollars for systems with more options, hundreds of thousands of dollars for larger machines with multiple heads, fill thousands of units an hour.

7 Factors Affecting Liquid Filling Machine Cost

The cost of a liquid filling machine is influenced by a variety of factors, from the level of precision and accuracy to the build quality and speed. As you search for a liquid filling machine within your budget, keep these elements in mind to determine if you are getting the best equipment for your production line at the right price.

1. Equipment Quality

Liquid filling machines can vary in quality—which can significantly affect the price.

Cheaper machines  may use inferior materials that are not as durable as their more expensive, higher-quality counterparts. Lesser quality materials can result in a shorter lifespan and lower accuracy. Replacement parts may also be more difficult to source.

The other end of the price range comes with benefits. These machines are easier to clean, sterilize, and maintain, are more durable, and last longer than less expensive machines.

2. Precision and Accuracy

If your industry or product requires high levels of precision and accuracy, you may have to invest in a more costly liquid filling machine that can distribute exact volumes. Lower cost equipment may not be as precise and are therefore unsuitable for some industries.

3. Customization Level

Off-the-shelf liquid filling machines are more affordable than their customized counterparts. However, for established small businesses, large factories, or industrial production lines, an off-the-shelf machine usually doesn’t meet their needs.

Many manufacturers offer customization options. Companies can build liquid filling machines to meet your exact specifications. While a higher level of customization leads to a higher price, some businesses find these specialized functions to be worth it.

4. Speed

Speed is another important factor to consider. Quicker liquid filling machines—those with higher outputs—tend to cost more than slower equipment. The increased cost is due to these more efficient machines being built with more filling heads, more moving parts, or higher quality materials.

5. Automation Level

Automatic liquid filling machines are the most expensive, followed by semi-automatic machines. The most affordable machines are manual, tabletop models.

You have to assess the state of your production line and determine what level of automation you need to maintain peak productivity and if the additional upfront costs will be worthwhile over time.

6. Versatility

More advanced liquid filling machines are usually more versatile. They can handle different types of products, containers, and caps that other types of equipment can’t handle. If you are working with tricky liquids or thick pastes, especially small or large containers, or unique cap shapes, you may need to invest in a more versatile system—which will come at a cost.

7. Manufacturer Support

Many liquid filling equipment manufacturers offer support services for an additional fee such as routine maintenance or part replacement. Companies that produce more expensive machines are more likely to provide services since they are then covered by the higher price of the equipment.

If the manufacturer of the liquid filling machine you choose doesn’t provide those ongoing services, you will need to factor them into the long-term cost of your equipment.

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