The Best Liquid Filling Machine for Your Product

Liquid filling machines are essential equipment for any operation that packages liquid products. From pharmaceutical companies to factories that package oils, shampoos, beverages, or cosmetics, product lines in a wide variety of industries can benefit from these machines.

These convenient liquid filling machines save time, minimize product waste, and offer packaging solutions for companies of all sizes.

We’ve rounded up the best liquid filling machines for different types of liquids and production needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for represented here? Contact us. We can help you find a liquid filling machine that fits your needs.

Best Liquid Filling Machines for Water-Thin Liquids, Oils, and Creams

Accutek’s Pinch-25 and Pinch-50 machines are timed flow volumetric fillers designed to work with water-thin liquids, oils, and creams, including water, food coloring, perfumes, essential oils, nail polish, blood, alcohol, and more. The equipment in this series is easy to operate, easy to clean, and affordable.

For an automatic version, look at our Auto-Pinch series, which features machines that can fill up to 100 containers per minute.

Best Liquid Filling Machine for Products with Particulates or Chunks

The Accutek Electric Servo Driven Filler (E-SPF) is a piston filler ideal for filling containers with pastes, creams, lotions, gels, or products with large particulates or chunks. The pistons allow the equipment to deliver a highly accurate volume of product to each container, which reduces the amount of product wasted on overfill.

Best Liquid Filling Machine for Products in Small Bottles That Require High Accuracy

For the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, where high precision dosages are a requirement, look no further than our Accu-Doser. This machine is designed to fill trays of small bottles, cartridges, vials, or syringes from 0.1 ml to 200 ml with extreme accuracy.

Additionally, the Accu-Doser uses disposable, medical-grade plastic syringes and is easy to clean, making it perfect for lab environments.

Best Liquid Filling Machine for Products That Foam

If you are working with products that create foam during the filling process—such as shampoos, soaps, chemicals, beverages, and more—consider Accutek’s Semi-Automatic Pressure Overflow Fillers (SAPOF). These machines are well suited for filling low- to medium-viscosity liquids and handling containers will fill sizes from ounces to gallons.

Best Liquid Filling Machine for Small Amounts of Flammable Liquids

Nail polish, perfumes, light oils, and other small amounts of liquids are perfect for Accutek’s Accuvac Series. Thanks to  fully pneumatic operation, these machines can safely handle flammable liquids.

Equipment in this series is intended to fill small containers, from as little as 2 ml to as much as 6 oz, making them perfect for the cosmetic industry.

Best Liquid Filling Machine for Thick, Dense Products

There is no better way to package thick, dense liquid products than with our Screw Pump Filling Machine.

This machine is intended for thicker, viscous products like grease, lotions, creams, and pastes. Additionally, its unique servo-controlled container lift platform prevents air pockets in the package by submerging the fill nozzle to just below the surface of the product.

Best Liquid Filling Machine for Large Amounts of Viscous Liquid Products

KISS Automatic Positive Displacement (APD) Fillers are specialized in filling the most viscous liquid products on the market. This incredibly accurate machine delivers precise fills in large volumes and at higher speeds than other types of equipment.

If you handle body wash, shampoo, creams, lotions, hair styling gels, engine coolant, candles, sealants, glue, syrups, or other viscous products, an APD filler may be the best fit for your production line.

Best Liquid Filling Machines for a Versatile Product Line

Flexible liquid filling machine systems can adapt to a wide variety of products, ranging from water-thin liquids to thick, viscous products.

Accutek’s Semi-Automatic Volumetric Fillers (SVF) series is composed of piston fillers that deliver precise volumes of products to each container, minimizes product waste, and handles products ranging from water to caulking compounds.

Our Automatic Volumetric Piston Fillers (AVF) are heavy duty liquid filling powerhouses. These extremely versatile machines can fill thin products like water as well as semi-viscous and viscous products like peanut butter, thick soaps, honey, glue, wax, silicone, sealants, grease, and more—all with little to no additional change in parts.

Find the Best Liquid Filling Machines for Your Production Line at Accutek

As a leader in the packaging solutions industry, Accutek is dedicated to creating high-quality, easy-to-use packaging machines to meet the needs of your production line. We offer a wide variety of packaging equipment, including liquid filling equipment, that can be tailored to your product. Whether you need custom machinery to accommodate your product or are looking for an addition to your existing production line, we can help.

Request information about our liquid filling machines or contact us today to get started.

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