Cutting-Edge Ultrasonic Tube Sealer

Experience the future of packaging with our cutting-edge ultrasonic tube sealer. This advanced technology redefines sealing for plastic tubes containing thin to medium viscosity liquids. Achieve unparalleled precision and efficiency as ultrasonic waves create airtight seals, ensuring product freshness and security. Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace the power of innovation for your packaging needs.

The latest, cutting-edge Ultrasonic Tube Sealer is your quick, convenient solution for packaging small and medium sized plastic tubes. Excellent for use in medical, cosmetic, scientific, and food related environments.

An external air source will be needed with this machine.

Great for research and lab use, small batches, and startup operations.

Easy to use, and strong build to deliver continuous quality. Ask a representative to know more about the Ultrasonic Tube Sealer.


  • PLC Control Display
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ultrasonic frequency pre-set
  • Can be used on tabletops
  • Easy-to-use, fast, and convenient



Power 2.0 KW
Ultrasonic Frequency 20KHZ
Capacity 8~12 pcs/min
Power Supply 220 V     50Hz/110V/60HZ
Gas Pressure 0.5MPA
Dimensions 850cm x 600cm x 730cm

33.5″ x 23.625″ x 35.5″

Tube Size Max dia. 50 mm, max height. 210mm

Max dia. 2.5″, max height 8.66″

Filling Range 100ml to 500ml

3.4 – 16.9 oz

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