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A Guide to Buy Packaging Machines for the Pharmaceutical Industry!

In the pharmaceutical industry, you may rely greatly on safe, efficient, and reliable packaging to ensure the integrity and quality of life-saving medications.

A report shows that the global pharmaceutical packaging market is expected to reach a fantastic US$ 160,300,000,000 in 2026.

This growth is fueled by rising demand for personalized medicine, increasing adoption of serialization for track and trace, and increasing emphasis on patient safety.

Therefore, more pharmaceutical industries are looking for the right industrial packaging machines.

Today, through this guide, we will share knowledge to help you make informed decisions when investing in packaging equipment. We will ensure your products meet the highest quality and compliance standards.

So keep on reading!

Types of Industrial Packaging Machines For the Pharmaceutical Industry

First, let’s show you some of the best industrial packaging machines you can shop from Accutek Packaging Equipment.

Filling Machines

When it comes to filling machines for pharmaceutical packaging, accuracy and cleanliness are paramount. Our range of filling machines is engineered and can be customized specifically with the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in mind.

Our piston-filling machines provide exceptional precision for filling viscous products like ointments, creams, and gels into bottles, tubes, or jars. With easy-to-clean food-grade materials and advanced contamination controls, these fillers meet cGMP standards.

The overflow filling machines allow for high-speed, foam-friendly filling for low to medium-viscosity liquids. The sanitary overflow nozzles deliver consistent levels in every container. These fillers are perfect for products like syrups, FDA-approved liquids, and more.

If you are handling caustic or corrosive formulations, a corrosion-resistant ACF filler is built with specialized materials to withstand accelerated wear and tear from harsh compounds. It provides a durable filling solution for chemicals like acids and bleaches.

Vial filling? The precision vacuum fillers gently handle light liquid fills into vials and ampules with accuracy. With the ability to integrate into isolator systems, these fillers are ideally suited for aseptic pharmaceutical processing.

Moreover, for tablet filling, you can rely on our tablet counting machine, which is perfect for packing caplets, tablets, and capsules.

Capping Machines

Next on the list are capping machines, as proper capping is essential for ensuring the integrity and safety of pharmaceutical products after filling. Accutek offers a comprehensive range of capping machines specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our precision chuck and spindle cappers provide accurate torque application for screw-on caps to achieve a reliable seal. These machines can handle various cap styles, including child-resistant and tamper-evident closures. They maintain the highest hygiene and product safety levels with FDA-compliant materials and easy-to-clean designs.

Accutek’s snap cappers efficiently apply closures with a secure press fit for push-on caps. These versatile machines can accommodate different container shapes, sizes, and closure types, making them suitable for various pharmaceutical products.

For added security, Accutek’s ROPP (Roll-On Pilfer-Proof) cappers form threads and seal aluminum caps onto rigid containers, creating a tamper-evident closure.

These cappers are commonly used for products like prescription medicines, ensuring that any attempt to open the container before use is immediately evident.

Labeling Machines

Accurate and compliant labeling is a critical aspect of pharmaceutical packaging, ensuring product identification, traceability, and clear communication of essential information. Accutek offers a range of labeling machines designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Accutek’s high-precision pressure-sensitive labelers can apply wraparound or spot labels with exceptional accuracy for vial and ampule labeling. These machines can integrate with isolators for aseptic labeling and can handle a variety of label materials, including those required for cytotoxic drug labeling.

For bottle and container labeling, we provide semi-automatic and fully automatic pressure-sensitive labelers capable of applying front and back labels, wrap-around labels, or a combination of label types. These machines are constructed with stainless steel and easy-to-clean surfaces, adhering to cGMP standards.

Accutek’s labelers can also accommodate a wide range of value-added labeling requirements, such as:

  • Serialization and coding for track-and-trace compliance
  • Tamper-evident labeling solutions
  • Booklet label application for patient information inserts
  • Braille printing for visually-impaired consumers


Proper handling and orientation of containers are crucial for efficiency and product safety in any pharmaceutical packaging line. Accutek’s range of unscramblers and orienters is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our bottle unscramblers and orienters are engineered for long-lasting durability and reliable operation. They can accommodate a variety of container shapes and sizes, ensuring that your bottles, vials, or other containers are correctly aligned and positioned for downstream operations.

These machines are easy to set up and use, with adjustable features that allow you to adapt to different product specifications. Constructed with high-quality stainless steel and aluminum, they are built to withstand the demanding conditions of a pharmaceutical production environment.

Rinsers and Washers

Cleanliness and sanitation are paramount in the pharmaceutical industry, and Accutek’s range of rinsers and washers are designed to meet these critical requirements.

In most packaging lines, the sequence of operations begins with bottle or container preparation. Accutek’s automatic bottle washers can wash, rinse, and dry up to twelve bottles per cycle, ensuring thorough cleaning and sanitization before filling.

These bottle washers can be configured with three nozzles per bottle washing station, allowing for any combination of washing, sanitizing, rinse, and compressed gas. This versatility ensures that your containers are entirely debris-free and properly sanitized before filling them with your pharmaceutical products.

Also, there are additional bottle washing machines, including an inversion sterilizing conveyor and rotary bottle rinsers. The inversion sterilizing conveyor is crucial for sanitizing the inner surfaces of bottles and caps when filling hot beverages. In contrast, the rotary bottle rinsers are ideal companions for high-speed filling lines, providing thorough cleaning and draining of containers.

Accutek’s rinsers and washers are built to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and product safety in your pharmaceutical packaging operations with heavy-duty stainless steel construction and easy-to-clean designs.


Efficient and reliable conveyors are the backbone of any pharmaceutical packaging line, ensuring smooth and controlled transportation of containers throughout the production process.

They are designed to seamlessly integrate with other packaging equipment, such as unscramblers, fillers, cappers, and labelers. Our conveyors are available in various widths and configurations, including open-top and closed-top sanitary designs, to accommodate your specific requirements.

Constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel frames and adjustable height stands, Accutek’s conveyors are built for durability and low maintenance. They feature variable speed drives and your choice of polycarbonate or stainless steel belts, ensuring reliable performance and easy cleaning.

Some bottomless conveyors provide access to the bottom of containers for coding or inspection operations for added versatility. These conveyors can be further customized with offset gripper belts to facilitate container handling around corners or to extract containers from stabilizing pucks.

With their robust construction, adaptability, and seamless integration capabilities, Accutek’s conveyors are essential components in building efficient and compliant pharmaceutical packaging lines.


In a pharmaceutical packaging line, turntables play a crucial role in managing the flow and accumulation of containers. Accutek offers a range of turntables that integrate seamlessly with your packaging equipment.

The AccuTurn turntables are available in 42″, 48″, and 60″ diameters and can be configured as unscramblers or accumulators. These turntables are designed to efficiently load containers onto the filling line or collect filled containers from the packaging process.

Accutek’s 15″ diameter transfer turntables provide a smooth and controlled solution for transferring containers between conveyors at various angles.

Like all Accutek equipment, our turntables are constructed with durable stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum for long-lasting performance in demanding pharmaceutical production environments. They feature direct-drive AC motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs) for smooth speed control and reliable operation.

By incorporating turntables into your packaging line, you can ensure efficient container handling, minimize downtime, and maintain a consistent production flow, ultimately contributing to your pharmaceutical products’ overall quality and safety.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Packaging Machines For the Pharmaceutical Industry!

  • Regulatory Compliance: As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, you must ensure your packaging equipment meets all relevant regulations and standards, such as cGMP and FDA requirements. Look for machines constructed with food-grade, easy-to-clean materials and designed for contamination control.
  • Accuracy and Precision: Precision is paramount when filling and packaging life-saving drugs. Choose machines with exceptional filling accuracy, consistent cap torque application, and precise labeling capabilities to maintain product integrity.
  • Cleanability: Thorough cleaning and sanitization are critical in pharma packaging. Opt for equipment with smooth, crevice-free surfaces and innovative self-cleaning features to simplify maintenance and prevent contamination.
  • Versatility: Your product range may evolve, so consider versatile machines that can handle different container types, closures, and labeling requirements. Modular designs allow for future adaptability as your needs change.
  • Integration: A seamless packaging line improves efficiency. Ensure your machines integrate with other equipment, like unscramblers, conveyors, and inspection systems, for a cohesive and optimized production flow.
  • Validation Support: Pharmaceutical packaging requires rigorous validation. Partner with a supplier that provides comprehensive documentation, testing protocols, and expert support to streamline your validation processes.

How does Pharmaceutical Industries Benefit from Using Industrial Packaging Machines?

Here are some critical benefits that pharmaceutical industries can gain from using industrial packaging machines:

  • Improved Accuracy and Consistency: Industrial packaging machines ensure precise and consistent filling, capping, and labeling, reducing the risk of errors that could compromise product quality or safety.
  • Increased Production Efficiency: Automated packaging lines significantly increase output and throughput compared to manual operations, allowing pharmaceutical companies to meet growing demand efficiently.
  • Enhanced Product Quality: Modern packaging equipment incorporates advanced contamination controls, sanitization features, and gentle product handling, helping to maintain the integrity and quality of pharmaceutical products.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Industrial packaging machines are designed to meet rigid regulatory requirements, such as cGMP and FDA guidelines, ensuring compliance with industry standards and enabling thorough validation processes.
  • Reduced Human Intervention: By automating packaging operations, the risk of human error is minimized, leading to improved product safety and reduced risk of contamination or mix-ups.
  • Consistent Branding and Labeling: Accurate and consistent labeling provided by industrial labelers ensures proper product identification, clear communication of instructions, and a professional, branded appearance.
  • Flexibility and Versatility: Many packaging machines offer modular designs and the ability to handle various container types, closures, and labeling requirements, providing flexibility to adapt to changing product portfolios.
  • Data Tracking and Traceability: Integration with serialization and coding systems allows pharmaceutical companies to implement track-and-trace capabilities, enabling product traceability and supporting recall management.


Finally, investing in industrial packaging machines from a reputable supplier like Accutek is crucial for pharmaceutical companies. It helps you maintain the highest quality, safety, and compliance standards.

Accutek’s range of advanced filling machines, capping, labeling, rinsing, conveying, and material handling equipment allows you to streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and produce life-saving medications with utmost precision and reliability. 

Not only these but there are many more machines available at Accutek for your pharmaceutical industry. You can visit us and explore them.

So, it’s time to access industry-leading solutions that meet your current needs and position your business for future growth and adaptability.

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