Bottomless Conveyor

The backbone of every packaging line is the conveyor system that moves the product through the various stages of the production process. Typically, the product sits on a moving belt to get from point A to point B, but occasionally it is necessary to have access to the top or bottom of a container, a bottomless conveyor solves this requirement. A bottomless conveyor suspends a container between two moving belts.


The Accutek bottomless conveyor is one of our most adaptable products capable of being used in several different ways. Raise one end or the other of the gripper belts to change line height or extract a container from a puck. Pucks are used to stabilize a rounded container that can’t ride on a conveyor without falling over.

A bottomless conveyor is also used to change container travel direction by 90°. This is done by offsetting the gripper belts so that the container stops against one belt then moves sideways to be captured between the two belts. This works to turn left or right.


There is an inherit flexibility with the Accutek Bottomless Conveyor because it can be ordered with low profile gripper belts, standard width or dual gripper belts. In addition, the belts can be tilted to make full contact with tapered containers. The space between the gripper belts is adjustable, accommodating container sizes from 0.5 to 8 inches.

A printer can be mounted between the gripper belts to mark the bottom of each container as it passes over the print head or mount an inspection camera under the gripper belts to check for correct labeling on the bottom of a container.

Latest Technology

The gripper belts are driven by direct drive AC motors that are powered by a single variable frequency drive (VFD). The VFD has a speed control knob that can smoothly vary the gripper belt speed from very slow to full speed.
The gripper belts are a sandwich of durable materials from the scuff resistant container contact material to the inner toothed composite material that is in contact with the drive wheels.

Stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum construction make the Accutek Bottomless Conveyor a durable low maintenance unit that can be wiped down with nonabrasive cleaners and a damp rag to return it to like new condition. A valuable and useful addition to any packaging line.

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