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In a secluded corner of Colorado mountains, at 9,044 feet, high above most people's heads,
is where American distiller Spring44 spirits are born.

Spring44’s amazing history, products, and namesake all began with pure Colorado Rocky Mountain Artesian Spring Water. It was that single source of inspiration and their desire to share, that has allowed them to grow into the company they are today. While pristine water may be the soul of their spirits Spring44’s unique virgin coconut carbon filtration and proprietary blend of American grown grain also assist in producing the finest domestic vodkas and gin available.

Learn more about Spring44 and their extraordinary spirits at

Bottling Greatness and Spring44's partnership with Accutek Packaging

Once Spring44 had perfected their product, they needed a way to get it in a bottle. That is when they approached Accutek Packaging for assistance. Spring44 was looking for a complete, cost effective, bottling solution that would allow them to automatically and efficiently fill, cap, and seal their containers. In most cases this would be a relatively straightforward setup, but their cap style presented a unique challenge.

Spring44 bottles utilize a Bar-Top style cap. A Bar-Top cap is a reusable cork or plug designed for bartenders to be able to reseal a rigid container. The Bar-Tops unique shape and materials can make them difficult to automatically sort and mechanically place onto containers. Automatic solutions for this style cap are usually limited to rotary monoblock systems, which can be expensive. Alternatively, other manufactures offer semi-automatic machines that press the plug down on the container but require someone to first place the cap onto the lip prior to the plugging process. Accutek isn’t most manufactures, we had a cost effect in-line automatic solution that would remove the tedious hand placing process.

Accutek Packaging chose our Auto AccuSnap system with the plunger applicator for the Spring44 project. With minimal modifications this machine proved to be the perfect bottle capper for their needs. This capping system was combined with an Accutek APOF-10 Automatic Pressure Overflow Filler, an APS-106 Automatic Pressure Sensitive Labeler, a Phase Fire 400 Series heat tunnel, two AccuTurn turntables, and integrated conveyor system, in order to complete Spring44’s turnkey packaging line.

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