In the essential oils filling industry, there are many different things to consider when purchasing filling machinery. At Accutek, we know the ins and outs of the liquid packaging industry, and that’s why we’re proud to offer our clients a wide variety of different essential oils bottling equipment. From start to finish, you’ll find everything you need for an essential oils bottle packaging line here.

When you’re bottling essential oils, the bottles must be free of contaminants before filling. The Accutek Automatic Bottle Washer does a brilliant job of preparing bottles for filling. The bottle washer can be ordered with up to three nozzles per container for as many as twelve stations, to wash, rinse and dry your containers before filling. 

Essential Oils Filler

Accutek, an experienced innovator in the light oil bottling industry, has a comprehensive array of filling machines. From our entry-level mini-pinch fillers to our multi-head rotary fillers, we have a solution suited to your budget and production speed requirements.

The elegant simplicity of our timed flow pinch series fillers makes them easy to operate, sanitize, and they are affordable.

Accutek fill to level machines ensure that essential oil-filled bottles on the retail shelf appear to contain the same amount of product, no matter the minor irregularities between the bottles.

Accurate fill quantities can be achieved by piston fillers or positive displacement pumps. The amount of product dispensed by a piston filler is determined by cylinder diameter and piston stroke length. Accutek SVF and AVF models are piston fillers with the model number indicating cylinder size and the number of fill nozzles. The number of shaft rotations determines the quantity of product dispensed by a positive displacement (PD) pump. Accutek offers metered filling machines based on either technology. The Accutek APD and SAPD are particularly well suited for essential oil filling.

Packaging Machines Needed to Complete an Essential Oils Filling Line

In addition to a liquid filling machine, you will also need a capping machine, cap handlers, conveyors to move the containers between machine stations, and a labeling machine. Accutek offers a selection of machines for each function ensuring that your product bottles will be filled efficiently and safely.  All contact surfaces are stainless steel making our machines corrosion-resistant and easy to sanitize.

Our Accutek sales engineers know the essential oils packaging industry, and we’re proud to offer our clients a wide variety of different bottling equipment. We offer everything you need for an essential oil packaging line here. Our equipment is manufactured to the strictest quality standards with sanitary conditions that ensure we deliver the best possible products to our valued customers. The equipment we offer our clients is ideal for filling a variety of liquids from water or thin oils to highly viscous products. Call for a quote no matter your packaging challenges.

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