The Rotary Overflow Filler-40, offers an extremely fast and accurate production for all free-flowing, non-carbonated liquids. Taking advantage of the fill-to-level technology, the Rotary Overflow Filler ensures a perfect fill level delivery for all product container types.

The ROF-40 Series also comes with more standard features, safety systems, and even new production technology which boosts its productivity past any machine in its class.

You can expect Rotary Overflow Fillers to produce visually appealing and consistent fill levels regardless of container’s shape or volume irregularities. These machines can also accommodate all types of containers comprised of rigid plastic, metal, and glass from ounces to gallons.

    • Touch screen control package
    • Electronic variable speed controls
    • Accommodates glass, plastic, and metal containers at speeds of 600 CPM
    • Specialty pumps available
    • Explosion Proof option
    • Teflon Seals and hoses
    • Sanitary Conveyor System
Fill Size: 1 oz – 1.3 Gal (30mL – 5L)
Viscosity Range: 1-2000 cp
Foamy Product: Yes*
Corrosive Product: Yes*
Heated Product: Yes*
Particulates: NO
Electrical Requirements: 220/240 VAC, 20 AMP, 3 Phase
Air Requirements: 100psi @ 5 u0096 10 CFM
Height: 89
Length: 54
Width: 61
Weight: 2200 lbs. (997.90 kg)
Speed: 240 CPM*



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