The RPD-40 is a member of the Positive Displacement (PD) Fillers family. This system utilizes an individual PD Pump Head for each fill head. This feature, accompanied with an advanced and user-friendly MHI/PLC Control Package allows the operator to adjust each individual fill head. This option allows the user to set an exact repeatable accuracy using encoding technology for fractional control of the pump head through a simple colored touch-screen. The Positive Displacement Filler Pump Heads are manufactured from high quality, sanitary, stainless steel components. These heads are available in both 4gpm and 10gpm options. The RPD-40 is the right solution for high-viscosity products or in projects where a higher degree of accuracy is required. This filling machine is versatile enough to handle a wide range of container sizes, fill volumes, and product types making it the perfect choice for almost any application.



    • New standard design includes a sleek sanitary stainless steel frame and a sanitary stainless steel pump
    • Each machine incorporates multiple failsafe systems and integrated safety features
    • All systems include a self-aligning tool designed for less change parts for quick and trouble-free changeover
    • Smooth container handling with a 4 to 1 in-feed star wheel and 2 to 1 exit star wheel
    • Touch screen control package includes job memory, performance screens, and management lockout
    • Individually powered height adjustment nozzles
    • Energy efficient lighted cabinets


    • No Bottle, No Fill
    • Custom guarding
    • Fully automatic CIP system
    • 10 GPM pump upgrade
    • Flexible Impeller upgrade


Fill Size: 0.5 oz. – 1 gal
Electrical Requirements: 220/240 VAC, 20 AMP, 3 Phase
Air Requirements: 100 psi @ 5-10 CFM
model: RPD-40
height: 110
length: 132
width: 104
weight: apx. 2500 (1134 kg)
speed: 240 CPM



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