The Accuvac Series Filling Machines are ideal for filling nail polish, perfumes, light oils, and other small amounts of liquids. The fully pneu­matic operation allows the vacuum filling machines to be used with flammable liquids. They can fill as little as a 2 milliliter container up to a 6 oz. container. This vacuum filling machine is an autoclavable stainless steel, tabletop vacuum fillers with diving fill heads.

The vacuum filling machines are completely self-contained, portable, and require no electricity. These features make the vacuum filling machines ideal for filling everything from nail enamels to perfumes. Fill levels are adjustable and consistent regardless of the product by adjusting the nozzle depth. The fill levels remains visual equal regardless of product characteristics or container volume. Vacuum filling machines are easy to operate and bottle changes are as simple as sliding new bottles under the fill heads and pushing the foot pedal.

In addition to being a dedicated filler for your product line, the fillers can also serve as an inexpensive backup unit, eliminating down time and costly setup for small runs. The vacuum filling machines are our most affordable fillers.

    • No Drip Fill Nozzles
    • Heavy Duty Sanitary Stainless Steel Frame
    • All Pneumatic Operation
    • Diving Head Package included
    • Foot Pedal Operation
    • Pneumatic Vacuum Pump
    • Accumulation Tank
    • Food Grade Plastic or Aluminum Slide Rail
    • Custom Bottle Guides
    • High Capacity Vacuum / Collection Chamber
    • 316 Nozzles (Food Grade)
    • Custom Size / Shape Nozzles
    • Electric Vacuum Pump
Fill Size: 2ml – 6 oz. (One Dose Size)
Viscosity Range: Up to 800 cps (centipoise)
Foamy Product: Yes*
Corrosive Product: Yes*
Heated Product: Yes*
Particulates: Yes*
Air Requirements: 90psi @ 2 cfm
model: AccuVac-Series
height: 53
length: 24
width: 20
weight: 45 lbs. (20.41 kg)
speed: 35 CPM*



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