Auto Pinch 50

The Auto-Pinch 50 is an automatic timed flow volumetric filling machine capable of filling water thin liquids to light oils and creams at speeds of up to 100 containers per minute.



A high-speed automatic filling machine for liquids, suitable for various industries. Key features include stainless steel construction, adjustable conveyor, easy cleaning, and a user-friendly bottle indexing system. The ABI unit offers digital display and easy setup. Ideal for food, pharma, cosmetics, and more. Perfect for medium-speed filling.

    • Color touch screen control package
    • Job memory & help menus
    • Sanitary stainless steel no drip fill heads
    • Surge tank for increased accuracy
    • On the fly adjustments
    • Food grade centrifugal pump
    • Stainless steel construction
    • 10’ variable speed sanitary conveyor
    • Automatic dual pin bottle indexing system
    • No fluid contact pinch valves
    • Quick exchange manifold
    • Drip Tray
    • Container Neck Locator
    • Sanitary Liquid Connections
    • Gravity or Pressurized Tank
    • Various Pump upgrades
    • Star Wheel Bottle Indexing
    • Sanitary Conveyor System
    • Remote Location Control Package
    • Heated Package for Molten Product Filling
Model: Auto-Pinch-50
Height: 66
Length: 120
Width: 28
Weight: ~400 lbs. (317.75 kg)
Speed: Up to 100 CPM
Fill Size: 1 oz. – 64 oz.
Air Requirements: 90psi @ 2 cfm
Electrical Requirements: 110VAC or 220/240 VAC / Single Phase / 20 Amp
Viscosity Range: 1 cps to 1000 cps
Foamy Product: Yes*
Corrosive Product: Yes*
Heated Product: Yes*
Particulates: Yes*



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