All-Electric Servo Driven Filler

The Accutek All Electric Servo Driven Filler (E-SPF) is a volumetric piston filler that accurately delivers a measured volume of product to each container. The accuracy of these piston filling machines ensures bottom line savings by reducing the amount of product that is used as overfill.

The Accutek All Electric Servo Driven Filler (E-SPF) is a semi-automatic, volumetric piston filler designed to precisely dispense a measured volume of product into each container. This precision translates to significant cost savings by minimizing product wastage due to overfilling.

The innovative feature of these volumetric piston fillers, lie in its ability to finely control the piston stroke length directly through the user-friendly touch screen controller integrated into the machine. This advantage sets the volumetric piston filler apart from pneumatic fillers that rely on less accurate mechanical stroke length adjustments. Additionally, the transition to the volumetric piston filler eliminates the need for expensive equipment like air compressors, air dryers, filters, and the associated maintenance and permitting requirements.

Particularly beneficial for products prone to foaming or splashing, Accutek’s servo technology empowers users to adjust the piston speed during any phase of the filling process using the intuitive and vibrant touch screen interface.

The E-SPF volumetric piston fillers can serve as the central component of your filling operations, serve as a cost-effective backup solution, or function as an alternative to outsourcing filling tasks to contract packagers. This alleviates the expenses tied to downtime and the setup complexities of handling small production runs.

The versatility of the volumetric piston filling machines shines in their ability to efficiently handle a range of substances such as pastes, creams, lotions, gels, and products with larger particulates or chunks. They are equally adept at filling thinner products.

The fill volumes are customizable, spanning from 1/8 oz to 1 gallon, contingent on the size of the product cylinder and piston. The E-SPF series positions itself as a powerful and adaptable solution for various filling needs.



    • Single head filler configuration (8-128 oz. cylinder)
    • Multi-stroke operations (Multiple doses per container)
    • Direct from drum draw kit
    • Sanitary contact parts and fluid path
    • Thin nozzles (For products that string or drip)
    • Long nozzles (For bottom up filling to reduce foam)
    • Chunky product butterfly valves for products with particulates
    • Heat or corrosive product packages (Contact parts and tubing)
    • Positive off nozzles
    • Product suck-back kits (Prevents Dripping)
    • Sanitary stainless-steel hoppers
    • Foot switch control
    • Standalone frame with or without casters


Height: 68
Length: 47
Wide: 28
Fill Quantity: 8.4 ml to 84 ml
Air Requirements: 0 psi
Foamy Product: Yes
Corrosive Product: Yes
Heated Product: Yes
Particulates:: Yes
Electrical Requirements: 110VAC VAC / Single Phase / 5 Amp



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