The SAPD-1 is a single head Semi-Automatic Positive Displacement Pump Filler designed to handle all types of rigid plastic, metal and glass containers. This filler is designed for higher viscosity products or when a high degree of accuracy is required. The machine is versatile enough to handle a wide range of container sizes, fill volumes, and product types making it perfect for almost any application.

The SAPD-1 is the perfect filler for small production runs and start-ups units. The Semi-Automatic PD Machine includes a 4 or 10gpm Positive Displacment Pump.




    • Job / Recipe Memory
    • Stainless Steel Sanitary Gear Pumps
    • Individual Volume Control for Fill Head
    • On the Fly adjustments
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Positive Off Nozzles
Model: SAPD-1
Height: 18
Length: 24
Width: 18
Weight: ~50 lbs (22.67 kg)
Speed: Up to 30 CPM
Electrical Requirements: 110/240 VAC / Single Phase / 40 Amp
Air Requirements: 120psi @ 6 u0096 12 cfm
Fill Size: 0.5-5+ gal.
Viscosity Range: 1-180000
Foamy Product: Yes*
Corrosive Product: Yes*
Heated Product: Yes*
Particulates: Yes*



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