Auto-Indexing Mini-Pinch

The Indexing Mini Pinch is a timed flow filling machine best suited for filling aqueous solutions, thin and light oils. The Automatic Indexing Mini Pinch is a six-head, timed flow volumetric filler that has a fill rate of up to six ounces per second.

Introducing the Auto-Indexing Mini-Pinch: a revolutionary filler for aqueous solutions and light oils. This six-head, timed flow volumetric fillers operates at up to 6 ounces per second. With various pump options, it streamlines work for operators and offers a cutting-edge touch screen interface.

One press of a button fills a tray of bottles, moving from row to row for up to twenty rows. The Automatic Indexing Mini Pinch accommodates containers from 5mL to 475mL.

Accutek’s Automatic Indexing Mini Pinch include an adjustable tabletop stand, automatically indexed fill wand, flow control adjusters, stainless steel fill nozzles, food-grade tubing, pinch valve system, microprocessor, and pump for a complete package.


    • Direct from drum draw kit
    • Sanitary contact parts and fluid path available
    • Six stainless steel filling heads with individual flow controls
    • Toolless removal of sanitary stainless steel manifold
    • Easy to operate using a touch screen controller with job memory
    • Simple to use fill wand auto triggered by PLC.
    • Includes adjustable tabletop stand
    • Positive displacement pump


    • Thin nozzles (For products that string or drip)
    • Long nozzles (For bottom up filling to reduce foam)
    • Heat or corrosive product packages (Contact parts and tubing)
    • Sanitary stainless steel hoppers
    • Stand alone frame with or without casters
    • Custom bottle guides and trays
    • Custom sized, shape, or material nozzle upgrades
    • Pumps/tanks
Height: 48
Wide: 31
Length: 30
Fill Size: 5mL – 475mL
Viscosity Range: Under 1 cP to 1000 cP (centipoise)
Air Requirements: 80 psi, 1 CFM-
Electrical requirements: 110VAC/5 AMPS optional: 220 VAC

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