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The Auto-Pinch 25 are automatic timed flow volumetric filling machines capable of filling water thin liquids to light oils and creams at speeds of up to 100 containers per minute. The Auto Pinch 25 comes standard with a heavy duty adjustable stainless steel base, 10′ variable speed conveyor, easy to clean and autoclavable contact parts, stainless steel drip free nozzles, easy to automate bottle indexing system, and a pump.

The Automatic Bottle Indexing Unit (ABI) includes a digital alpha-numeric display with the following features: no bottle – no fill, step fill or all fill modes, and a total bottle counter that can be adjusted on the fly. The ABI system is easy to set up, operate, and adjust with little training.

The minimal contact parts make the Auto Pinch 25 ideal for sanitary filling of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and specialty products. It’s speed and ease of use make the Auto Pinch 25 the perfect machine for medium speed filling operations.




    • Touch screen control package
    • Job/recipe memory
    • Stainless steel, no drip fill heads
    • Surge tank for increased accuracy
    • On the fly adjustments
    • Food grade centrifugal pump
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Automatic dual pin bottle indexing system


    • Drip tray
    • Container neck locator
    • Sanitary liquid connections
    • Gravity or pressurized tank
    • Various pump upgrades
    • Diving heads
    • Positive off nozzles
    • Star wheel bottle indexing
    • Sanitary conveyor system
    • Heated package for molten product filling


Model: Auto-Pinch-25
Height: 66
Length: 120
Width: 28
Weight: ~400 lbs. (317.75 kg)
Speed: Up to 100 CPM
Fill Size: 1 oz. – 64 oz.
Air Requirements: 90psi @ 2 cfm
Electrical Requirements: 110VAC or 220/240 VAC / Single Phase / 20 Amp
Viscosity Range: 1 cps to 1000 cps
Foamy Product: Yes*
Corrosive Product: Yes*
Heated Product: Yes*
Particulates: Yes*



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